FTP/FTPS Protocol GatewayΒΆ

Tebi FTP/FTPS gateway enables you to easily move your file transfer workloads that use the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and File Transfer Protocol Secure (FTPS) to Tebi without needing to modify your applications or manage any FTP/FTPS servers.

Getting started with Tebi FTP/FTPS gateway is simple:

  1. Create a Master Key or Bucket Key with File Transfer Protocol (FTP/FTPS) ACL.

  2. Connect to ftp.tebi.io host with your FTP or FTPS client.

  3. Use Key as a username and Secret as a password to log in.

  4. You should see a buckets list available to your Key upon logging in.

With Tebi FTP/FTPS gateway, you pay only for the data downloaded.

Tebi FTP/FTPS gateway is available worldwide.