Bucket Naming Rules

The following rules apply for bucket names:

  • Must be between 3 (min) and 63 (max) characters long.

  • Can consist only of lowercase letters, numbers, dots (.), and hyphens (-).

  • Must begin and end with a letter or number.

  • Must not contain two adjacent periods.

  • Must not be formatted as an IP address (for example,

  • Must be unique.

For best compatibility, we recommend that you avoid using dots (.) in bucket names, except for buckets that are used only for static website hosting. If you include dots in a bucket’s name, you cannot use virtual-host-style addressing over HTTPS (https://bucket.name.s3.tebi.io/). This is because the security certificates used for virtual hosting of buckets do not work for buckets with dots in their names. You can, however, still use path-style addressing over HTTPS (https://s3.tebi.io/bucket.name/).

Tebi bucket names must be unique globally. If you get the “Bucket name already in use on platform” or “BucketAlreadyExists” error, then you must use a different bucket name to create the bucket. These error messages indicate that another account owns a bucket with the same name.