Getting to Know Tebi


Tebi is a geographically distributed data storage service. It is the first of its kind.

Tebi ensures excellent durability, wide availability, and the fastest data access speed by utilizing the classic object storage principle for the global network of its servers. It is S3-compatible, highly secure, simple to use, and flawlessly reliable.

This documentation is written to educate users on all functionalities and features that Tebi offers. While the first section of this documentation will focus on listing and describing Tebi Cloud features, later sections will provide how-to tutorials related to everything you might want know about Tebi. Ultimately, we will introduce you to our API.

If you want to read about something specific, use the table of contents of this documentation to navigate quickly to specific sub-sections.

For guidance related to Tebi and S3-compatible functions, please read this documentation.

What is Tebi Geo-Distributed Storage?

Tebi is an S3-compatible object storage 2.0 system that has a complex architectural level intended to deliver high speed and availability. It uses buckets for storing object-based files. These buckets are deployed in the regions you choose. Unlike classic object storage, Tebi Cloud is capable of handling and delivering a large amount of data quickly and simultaneously.

This storage service is ideal for businesses needing to render large files, such as video content, graphics, software distributions, and audio files, for their users. Additionally, Tebi is excellent for keeping backups, archives, and statistical web components.

Tebi Cloud stores data simultaneously on different servers in user-defined locations among different parts of the world. So, your end-users will always be able to connect to their nearest datacenter and quickly retrieve information. With Tebi, the upload and download speed will be better than conventional CDNs. Additionally, it is more reliable than CDNs, as Tebi offers better accessibility and more durability.

Main Features of Tebi Cloud

We guarantee great performance and a user-friendly interface. Tebi:

  • S3-Compatible: Works with all s3 tools, plugins, utilities, and more.

  • Speed: Loads even large files with rich data faster, as data is stored near users.

  • Safety: Ensures the secure transmission of data with automatic encryption. Additionally, we let you choose which data will go public and which data will remain private.

  • Reliable: Lets you store data in multiple locations, and keeps that data safe.

  • Extensible: Allows you to upgrade or downgrade plans as needed.

  • Service: Provides the best assistance for users. Our personal assistant service is 24/7 and free of cost.

  • Price: Delivers excellent services at an affordable price. In fact, we assure you we offer the most affordable product for the range of our features and capabilities. Choose your plan today.

Who Should Use Tebi?

Everyone can use Tebi and enjoy its features. Considering a more classified list, however, our product is the best when you need to:

  • Host media files: Keep large files, such as video, audio, presentations, photos, and more. Tebi can flawlessly serve as your media directory storage service.

  • Keep archives and backups: You might need a place to store your automatic backups, data archives, and other crucial data. Use Tebi Cloud without any worry.

  • Store static web components: Our storage system is perfect for hosting HTML, Javascript, and CSS files. So, if you want to set up a static website demo, or even if you have to place your live static website, Tebi is the ideal location for it.

  • Ensure fast software data delivery: You can entirely trust Tebi for storing your containers, code libraries, and software images. Out of all the clients we work with, developers love Tebi the most. After you try it, you will understand why!

Now that you are well-acquainted with Tebi, we will get started with how it actually works.